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Goodwill Debit Card

Goodwill finance Limited now introduce Goodwill union pay SCT card for our customer. Our Goodwill's Debit card is based on EMV Chip with enhanced security. Goodwill debit card is valid and accepted almost all ATM’s of various banks which is under the network of SCT or Union Pay (UPI) here in Nepal as well as in India(UPI). Goodwill's Debit cards can be used for "PoS" transactions payment.
  • Features of Goodwill's Debit card:
  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Fast Cash
  3. Balance enquiry
  4. PIN no. change
  5. Point of Sales (PoS) Transaction
  • Pre – Requisite
  1. Customer must have goodwill saving account type.
  2. Documents as per NRB guidelines.
  • ATM Debit Card Transaction Fees
  Transaction       Nepal     India
  ATM cash withdrawal/balance enquiry from own ATM     Free         -
  ATM cash withdrawal from SCT and UPI Network ATM     Rs.20     Rs.250
  Balance enquiry from SCT and UPI Network ATM     Rs.15     Rs.100
  Point of Sales (POS) Transactions     Free         -


  • Withdrawal Limits :
  Transaction  Amount
  Minimum withdrawal per transaction in Nepal     NPR. 500
  Maximum withdrawal per transaction in Nepal     NPR. 25,000
  Maximum withdrawal per day in Nepal     NPR. 100,000
  Maximum withdrawal per month in Nepal     NPR. 400,000
Daily Count Limit 10
Monthly Count Limit 50
  Minimum withdrawal per transaction in India     NPR. 800
  Maximum withdrawal per transaction in India     NPR. 16,092
  Maximum withdrawal transaction per day in India     NPR. 24,138
  Maximum withdrawal transaction per month India     NPR. 1,60,920
Daily Count Limit 5
Monthly Count Limit 50


  • Registration:
  1. Download Application form from here or contact customer service of our branches.
  2. Fill up all details and provide necessary documents.
  3. bank will verify the account holder's details and document provided in application form.
  4. After verification our finance will procced for Goodwill's Debit card.
  5. It will take 2-3 weeks from date of registration.
  6. Our customer can collect from branch where they have registered.


For further information, please contact:
Goodwill Finance Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu
Phone: 977-1-4444039/4437090/4434279/4432473
Fax: 977-1- :01-4443414
Email : info@goodwill.net.np