Hattisar, Kamalpokhari , Kathmandu


Standard Tariff Of Charges

Charges / fees on various services rendered by Goodwill Finance Ltd are as follows:



Account Services

Account Closure


Balance Confirmation


Charge for unused cheque

NPR 10 per cheque

Cancellation of Good for Payment

NPR 500

Stop Payment

NPR 100

Standing instruction

NPR 100 per request

Cheque book issued against lost cheque book

NPR 200

Issuance of Balance Certificate

NPR 250 per certificate (Free once a year for audit purpose)

Account closure charge in case of demise of account holder


Payment of cheques / Deposits under ABBS


Issuance of duplicate Pass Book  of Recurring deposit

NPR 100

Issuance of duplicate FD Certificate

NPR 500

Cheque Clearing Services

Electronic Clearing (NCHL)

Free up to NPR 200,000

Normal Clearing

NPR 15

Express Clearing

NPR 100 per Cheque

Returned Cheque (outward clearing)

NPR 50

Returned Cheque (inward clearing)


IPS (Interbank Payment System)

Up to 500


UP to 5000


5000 to 50000

NPR 10

Above 50000

NPR 15

ASBA & C-ASBA Charges

IPO, FPO & Right Share

NPR 50 per applaction

Safe Deposit Lockers

Locker Charges

2000 depending upon the locker size

Security deposit

10000 or depending upon the locker size



National Saving Bond

All Charges regarding NSB is as per NRB (if any)