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Normal Saving

The Normal Deposit Account is a transactional interest bearing account wherein a deposit is placed with the Goodwill for an unspecified period of time and the depositor can withdraw or transfer the funds whenever required through different means. Our tagline “we take care of your interest” itself explains that we make sure that you yield higher interest from your deposits with us

Premium Saving

Maximize your earning at premium rate by daring to save more through premium saving account.

Recurring Deposit

Goodwill Recurring Deposits are an ideal way meant for investors who want to deposit a fixed amount every month, in order to get a lump sum after some years. The small monthly savings in the Recurring Deposit scheme enable the depositor to accumulate a handsome amount on maturity.

Macha Account

When saving money becomes part of a child's normal development, saving for the future is likely to become a habit. A habit likely to ensure bright and stable future.

I am Mba

Assisting in your journey from student to entrepreneurship

Goodwill Salary Account

Salary accounts, allow your employees seamless and convenient access to their salaries. Based on the job profile, open salary bank account that is most appropriate and let your employees enjoy the myriad added benefits.


Goodwill Nari Bachat

GFIL salutes the power of womanhood and this is why we have designed Nari bachat khata with higher returns dedicated just for Nepalese women.

Remittance Account

Remittance account is a special saving account designed to cater inward remittance. We ensure the speedy, safety and convenience for the deposit & payment to beneficiaries in Nepal.

Agraz Bachat Khata

This is special saving account designed especially for the citizens soiled through their 59 glorious years.

Zero Balance Saving Account

As the name suggest, this saving account gives an option of opening an account with zaro balance.

Fixed Deposit

Ypu can deposit any amount of money in our Fixed Deposit for as long as you wish between 3 months to 6 years.

Call Deposit


Current Deposit

Current Deposit